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Welcome to Everest Watchworks.
Long ago, I recall standing by my Grandfather's workbench while he worked on his clients watches. I marveled at all the strange looking tools he used on watches. Later when I was old enough, I went to watchmaking school for 2 1/2 years to learn the trade. After graduating with a diploma in horology I went to work as a watchmaker for about 7 years. However, during the 80's, quartz watches drove me away from the bench.

About 15 years ago, my passion for watchmaking was reborn, and since then I have enjoyed reluming dials and creating custom watches.

Our custom watches use both new movements and newly cleaned and oiled pocketwatch movements. We make custom diver watches, pilot watches, dual time zone watches, vintage railroad watches and a very special watch called a "Quadrometre".

The Everest Quadrometre™ is an exclusive system to view time. Click on the image below to view instruction how to scan the Everest Quadrometre™




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Everest Custom GMT 2893-2
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Everest GMT




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