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Welcome to Everest Watchworks.
We have been making custom dials and doing custom lume work for 20 years. We love making dials come to life in the dark using the best Swiss SuperLumiNova and the equally fine USA NoctiLumina. These are both compounds of Strontium Aluminate. They do not glow on their own like the old Tritium and Radium compounds. These new luminous compounds are charged by daylight. Once charged from the sun during normal outside wear or charged by a light source like a household LED bulb, they glow through the night. They do not emit any radioactivity, and they never lose their strength.

We routinely work on old watches that have had tritium and have lost their glow, and we work on new & worn watches that do not glow well from the factory. We expertly apply the lume by hand and in doing so we can put multiple layers of lume on the indices to make them glow as well as possible. We encourage you to consider if your watch does not glow through the night, and you would like it to do so, we can help. Contact us via the email link below. ".

Our custom watches use both new movements and newly cleaned and oiled pocketwatch movements. We make custom diver watches, pilot watches, dual time zone watches, vintage railroad watches and a very special watch called a "Quadrometre".

The Everest Quadrometre™ is an exclusive system to view time. Click on the image below to view instruction how to scan the Everest Quadrometre™




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Everest Custom GMT 2893-2
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Everest GMT




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